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… an ancient Greek word meaning ‘the right, critical, or opportune moment’. It is one of two words that the ancient Greeks had for time (the other being chronos). Whereas the latter refers to ‘clock time’, kairos signifies a proper or opportune time for action. For us, the move to start this company felt very much like “for such a time as this.” But maybe you are feeling it too. We find ourselves in unpredictable and unprecedented times, and organizations are feeling the impact. If you are searching for a “new normal” that is more new than normal, then connect with us.

“Time has to be converted…to kairos…with moments that seem ripe for their intended purpose. Time becomes not just something to get through or manipulate or manage, but the arena of God’s work with us.”
– Henri Nouwen


While collaboration is the activity in which action is taken among two or more persons or entities, collaborative refers to the individuals or entities who have opportunities to solve problems, create new products, develop healthier systems, share with others what is learned, and celebrate successes. These are best done not in isolation but in cohorts and communities with others joining in the journey by sharing as generously as possible their best of time, treasure and resources and working with others to accomplish the very best results.

“Collaborations are not one-person shows or a theater for the ambitious. They are a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship of two or more people or teams to achieve common goals. More often these days, collaborative efforts require new teams with different skill sets to achieve a specific goal.” - From Teamwork

five human hands on brown surface
five human hands on brown surface